Missouri Immediate/5-Day Notice to Quit | Severe Illegal Activity

Missouri Immediate/5-Day Notice to Quit | Severe Illegal Activity

Last updated September 23rd, 2021

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The Missouri immediate/5-day notice to quit is an eviction letter for tenants who have seriously violated the law and must be removed from the premises. This notice shall be used when the tenant causes physical injury to the landlord/tenants, damages the property requiring repairs in an amount exceeding twelve (12) months’ rent, allows an unauthorized person on the premises, or engages in drug-related, criminal activity.

When there is a threat to the premises or anyone thereon, the landlord may only commence the eviction proceedings after attempting to abate the situation through the aid of law enforcement or mental health personnel. If the tenant fails to vacate immediately after receiving this notice, the landlord may terminate the rental agreement and file for eviction.

Note: This notice is optional; landlords may file for eviction without notice when a tenant violates § 441.740. However, if the violation is committed by anyone other than the tenant, the landlord must provide the tenant with five (5) days’ written notice.

Laws § 441.740, 441.750, & 441.780