Montana Notice to Quit | Non-Compliance or Abandonment

Montana Notice to Quit | Non-Compliance or Abandonment

Last updated September 23rd, 2021

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The Montana notice to quit for non-compliance or abandonment notifies a tenant that they have committed a lease violation or abandoned the property. If the tenant has committed a curable lease violation, they must remedy the issue or vacate the premises within fourteen (14) days. A violation is considered curable only if it is remediable by payment, repairs, or otherwise, and the violation is not listed in  § 70-24-422(1)(b) or § 70-24-422(1)(c).

Before the fourteen (14) day notice period expires, the tenant must either adequately remedy the issue or move from the property. The tenant’s failure to comply with the notice requirements will permit the landlord to file for eviction. If a tenant has abandoned the rental property, the landlord has the legal right to claim that they have surrendered the property and re-rent it to another person.

Laws – § 70-24-422(1)(d)§ 70-24-426