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Nevada 5-Day Notice to Terminate | At-Will Tenancy

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Updated on September 23rd, 2021

The Nevada 5-day notice to terminate an at-will tenancy is an eviction notice that is served on at-will tenants by their landlord to communicate that they have five (5) days to vacate their rental unit. A tenancy-at-will differs from a periodic tenancy because it does not provide the same legal protections (for instance, a periodic tenancy will allow the tenant to hold over under certain circumstances) and both the tenant and the landlord have the ability to terminate their agreement with short notice.

This form is also used for recreational vehicle lot evictions when the rental duration is less than three (3) months. If the tenant does not quit the premises within five (5) days, the landlord can have them evicted by court order.

LawsNRS 40.251(1)(a)(3) and (d) and 40.215(8)

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