Letter of Intent for Dental School

Letter of Intent for Dental School

Last updated March 20th, 2023

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dental school letter of intent is written by a prospective student to demonstrate their commitment to a dental school. The document should be addressed to the dean or director of admissions and should be written with formal, specific language. The student’s relevant achievements, what they intend to bring to the program, and why they believe they would be an excellent fit for their school of choice should be clearly communicated in the letter.


When to Send the Letter

In many cases, a student will want to draft a letter of intent when placed on a dental school’s waitlist. A well-written letter can be used to tell the school that they are the student’s top choice. Essentially, the letter is a promise the student makes to the school, telling them they will attend their program if admitted.

A letter of intent is often sent around a month after an interview with a school. The student can send it whether they have been placed on the waitlist or haven’t heard back from the school. A second letter may be sent if more than two months have passed and the applicant wishes to share important updates with the admissions department.

It’s common practice for a letter of intent to be sent to a single school, so the candidate should wait until they have received all acceptance or waitlist notifications before making their decision.

What to Include in the Letter

Dentistry schools have a competitive admissions process, and a letter of intent allows applicants to distinguish themselves from the crowd. The contents of a well-written letter generally include the following:

  • Commitment. The letter’s primary purpose is to demonstrate the applicant’s commitment to attending the school if admitted. The letter should clearly state that this is the student’s top choice and that they will attend.
  • Gratitude. The student should take the opportunity to demonstrate their appreciation for being interviewed and for the reader’s time and consideration.
  • Achievements and updates. Since the letter is often sent after the initial application, the prospective student should inform the school of any recent accomplishments, upcoming plans, and other relevant updates that may help their case.
  • Contributions. The applicant should explain to the reader what they will bring to the school if admitted. This could be an intention to be involved in the student body or other initiatives.
  • Interest. The applicant may wish to reiterate why the program fits the candidate and demonstrate a clear interest in that particular school.


Some important things to consider before crafting the letter of intent:

  • Ensure the school accepts letters of intent; some schools specify that they do not.
  • Only send the letter to one school.
  • Proofread the letter to ensure it is free of spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Ensure the letter is sent through the school’s preferred submission method.
  • Keep the letter brief, clearly defined, and with direct intentions.
  • Keep the letter to one page.


Download: PDFWord (.docx)OpenDocument






It was an honor to interview with [INTERVIEWER NAME] on [INTERVIEW DATE], and I am thrilled to have been placed on your waitlist at [SCHOOL NAME]. This school has always been my first choice, and if accepted, I commit to enrolling for the upcoming school year.

Your program’s reputation for excellence and commitment to a comprehensive and hands-on curriculum align with my personal and professional goals. If accepted, I intend to participate in the student body and [LIST CONTRIBUTIONS].

I would also like to take this opportunity to provide an update on my achievements since my interview. Since speaking with [INTERVIEWER NAME], I have [DESCRIBE NEW ACCOMPLISHMENTS AND UPDATES]. While on the waitlist, I intend to [DESCRIBE FUTURE INTENTIONS].

I have always dreamed of attending your institution and would accept an admission offer without hesitation. I am confident that enrollment would help me achieve my dreams and that I would be able to contribute to making [SCHOOL NAME] an even better place.

I appreciate you taking the time to read my letter and consider my enrollment.