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Alabama LLC Operating Agreement Template

An Alabama LLC operating agreement is a document that records the agreed-upon policies, regulations, and structure of a newly-created limited liability company. An operating agreement outlines major aspects of the company’s internal affairs and aids in separating the entity from its owners. It also dives deep into a series of topics ranging from annual meetings and member voting to the distribution of company assets.

Once completed, the form answers the questions to many what-if scenarios, such as adding additional members, what happens if a member passes, and the process for selling or transferring a member’s ownership. Without such an agreement in place, obtaining outside investments or loans can be markedly difficult, if not impossible.


Types (2)

Single-Member – To be used by one-owner LLCs.

Download: PDF, Word (.docx), OpenDocument


Multi-Member – For entities that will have more than one (1) owner.

Download: PDF, Word (.docx), OpenDocument



How to File (5 Steps)

Step 1 – Reserve the Entity’s Name

The name of the LLC must be unregistered in the state in order to be used. Go to the Secretary of State Business Search and search for potential entity names.

Per § 10A-1-5.06, the entity name must contain “Limited Liability Company,” “L.L.C.,” or “LLC” (most popular).

Once a suitable name has been found, the name must be reserved. Name reservations can be made online OR by mail.

  • Online: Go to the Secretary of State Online Services page.
    • Cost: $28.00 for Non-Subscribers (credit card only) and $27.00 for Subscribers (ACH accounts only).
  • Mail: Complete the Name Reservation Request Form (Domestic | Foreign)
    • Cost: $25.00 (payment options include check, money order, or credit card).
    • Mail to: PO Box 5616, Montgomery, AL 36103.

Step 2 – File the Certificate of Formation

This step is what makes the business legit in the eyes of Alabama law. Filing can be completed online (in some counties) or in person.

Method 1 – Online

Head to the SOS Online Services and click “Continue to application.”

  • Cost: For domestic filings, the cost is $208 ($100 county fee + $100 secretary of state fee + $8 filing fee). For foreign filings, the cost is $150 (plus a $6 filing fee).

Method 2 – Mail

The process for filing via mail varies depending on if the LLC is a brand new entity being formed in Alabama (domestic) versus one that already exists out-of-state (foreign).

Domestic Companies

  1. Download the Domestic LLC Certificate of Formation. Complete it in full. It must be TYPED (not handwritten).
  2. Make one (1) copy of the completed and signed form.
  3. Attach a copy of the name reservation certificate (from Step 1).
  4. Attach a self-addressed, stamped envelope.
  5. Include a $200 check/money order payable to the “Alabama Secretary of State” OR provide bank or credit card details on the form.
  6. Mail the entire filing package to: Secretary of State, Business Services, PO Box 5616, Montgomery, Alabama 36103-5616.

Foreign Companies

  1. Download and complete the Foreign LLC Application for Registration. All information must be TYPED into the form (handwriting is prohibited).
  2. Make one (1) copy of the completed form.
  3. Attach a copy of the name reservation certificate (see Step 1).
  4. Attach a self-addressed + stamped envelope.
  5. Include a check/money order for $150 (make payable to the “Alabama Secretary of State”) OR write the necessary bank or credit card information into the form.
  6. Mail everything to: Secretary of State, Business Services, PO Box 5616, Montgomery, Alabama 36103-5616.

Step 3 – Create an Operating Agreement

The state of Alabama does not require LLCs to have an operating agreement. Regardless of this fact, completing one is highly recommended for improving the organization of the company.

  • Fillable form (recommended): Click “Create Document” on the right to receive instructions on filling in an official LLC Operating Agreement.
  • Manual completion: Download the form in PDF, Word (.docx), or OpenDocument and complete it by entering information into the blank fields.

Step 4 – Obtain an EIN

While not a requirement for all LLCs, those that intend to open a business bank account, apply for a loan, or acquire specific business licenses will need to receive an EIN (Employer Identification Number) from the IRS. Applications must be made after the LLC filing has been approved (search the state’s entity database to check for approval). An EIN can be obtained online or by mail.

Step 5 – File an Initial Privilege Tax Return

Newly-formed LLCs must file an Initial Privilege Tax Return (Form BPT-IN) and pay the tax reported on the return within the first two and a half (2-1/2) months after the date of qualification to do business in Alabama.

  1. Complete the most current version of the Initial Privilege Tax Return (Form BPT-IN). Other versions are available here.
  2. If filing the return by mail, complete Form BPT-V and attach a check for the amount of tax due. Make the check payable to the “Alabama Department of Revenue.”
  3. Submit the tax return to the Alabama Department of Revenue.
    • Online – Scan the tax return and upload it to the MAT online service (requires an account). Pay the tax using a credit card or ACH account.
    • Mail – Mail all items to: Alabama Department of Revenue, Business Privilege Tax Section PO Box 327320, Montgomery, AL 36132-7320.


Filing Options: Online or by Mail


  • Domestic filing fee: $200
  • Foreign filing fee: $150
  • Name reservation: $25-$28


  • Name Reservation Request Form for Domestic Entities (PDF)
  • Name Reservation Request Form for Foreign Entities (PDF)
  • Domestic LLC Certificate of Formation (PDF)
  • Foreign LLC Application for Registration (PDF)
  • Initial Privilege Tax Return (PDF)
  • Business Privilege Tax Payment Voucher (PDF)