Idaho Mechanic’s Lien Form

Idaho Mechanic’s Lien Form

Last updated April 13th, 2022

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An Idaho mechanic’s lien is used by a tradesperson or supplier (the “claimant”) to secure outstanding payments from a client. The form should be drafted if a homeowner or contractor has avoided or delayed payment for services rendered or supplies contributed to a construction project. Filing the lien will grant the claimant a security interest in the property in question, forcing the owner to pay the balance owing before they can sell the property or obtain financing against it. A lien will also allow the claimant to file a lawsuit if necessary, which is typically the last resort in the lien process.

In cases where multiple liens exist on a single property, the order of priority for payment is as follows:

  • Laborers
  • Materialmen (persons that supply equipment, materials, etc.)
  • Subcontractors
  • Prime contractors
  • Professional engineers and surveyors