South Dakota Mechanic’s Lien Form

Last updated April 13th, 2022

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A South Dakota mechanic’s lien is a legal tool used by contractors, subcontractors, laborers, and material suppliers to claim their right to compensation in the event of nonpayment on a project. First, a notice must be served on the property owner by the claimant (party seeking payment) that includes a copy of the lien. The lien is then filed by the claimant against the land/property/project they worked on, and it remains on record until the issue is resolved.

South Dakota has a very long claim period of six (6) years, meaning the claimant can enforce the lien at any point within that timeframe after completing their work on a project. However, the property owner has the right to deliver a written demand to the claimant that will limit the enforcement period to thirty (30) days. It’s common practice to file a lien release form once payment has been received.