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Missouri Durable Power of Attorney Form

A Missouri durable power of attorney is a form that grants an agent the ability to perform financial transactions on behalf of a principal (the person granting power). The financial authority the agent receives is outlined in the document and can be modified according to the principal’s needs. Generally, the agent is authorized to manage the principal’s investments, taxes, legal matters, insurance policies, and real estate, and is permitted to buy, sell, and donate property in the principal’s name. This power of attorney is “durable” and does not terminate if the principal is incapacitated or disabled. As a result, the principal can be sure that their personal and financial interests will be cared for in any future event.

Agent’s Duties§ 404.714

Laws§§ 404.700 – 404.737 (Durable Power of Attorney)

Signing Requirements (§ 404.705(1)(3)) – Notary Public

State Definition § 404.703(4)