New Hampshire Real Estate Power of Attorney Form

New Hampshire Real Estate Power of Attorney Form

Last updated October 6th, 2022

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New Hampshire real estate power of attorney is a document that lets an individual (“principal”) choose someone else (“agent”) to act in their place and manage their real estate transactions. Unlike other more broad power of attorney forms, this document limits the agent to carrying out tasks related to real estate exclusively. The agent’s duties often include buying and selling property, collecting security deposits, evicting tenants, and performing maintenance and repairs. If the agent’s authority shall terminate when the principal becomes incapacitated, the power of attorney must be made “non-durable,” as decided in Article 3 of the document.

Statute – § 564-E:204

Signing Requirements (§§ 477:9564-E:105(a)(1)) – Notary Public

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New Hampshire General Power of Attorney – Authorizes an agent to manage the principal’s finances, including their bank accounts, motor vehicle transactions, and retirement benefits.

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