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Tennessee Real Estate Power of Attorney Form

A Tennessee real estate power of attorney enables an individual (the principal) to grant authority to a third-party (the agent) to act on their behalf in real estate matters. The agent can be given the power to sell, manage, refinance, or buy property on the principal’s behalf, depending on the authorities assigned in the document. This power of attorney can be durable, meaning it is unaffected by the principal’s disability or incapacitation, or non-durable, meaning it is revoked upon such an event.  In either case, the document can be terminated via written revocation or expiration date set by the principal.

Signing requirements – Not mentioned in state statutes.

Tennessee General Power of Attorney – This form authorizes an agent to carry out a principal’s financial, real estate, or legal matters until the power of attorney is terminated via expiry date, revocation document, or incapacitation of the principal.