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North Dakota Rental Application

A North Dakota rental application form collects valuable information that allows landlords to determine their prospective tenants’ ability to make monthly payments on time and abide by the terms of their lease. Individuals interested in leasing a rental unit will be given the form to complete and sign to be reviewed by the landlord. In the document, the applicant will be asked for their personal information, including their current address, employment history, income, and landlord references. Any application fees and required security deposits will often be stated in the form.

Maximum Fees ($)

Application Fee – Not mentioned in state statutes.

Pet Deposit (§ 47-16-07.1(2)) – Two (2) months’ rent or two-thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500), whichever is less.

Security Deposit (§ 47-16-07.1(1)) – One (1) month’s rent.