North Dakota Sublease Agreement

Last updated September 28th, 2021

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The North Dakota sublease agreement is a contract whereby a sublessor (tenant) rents all or a portion of the property they are leasing to a sublessee (subtenant). The agreement is separate from the lease with the landlord; however, the sublessor will remain responsible for paying monthly rent to the landlord and ensuring that the lease’s terms and conditions are respected.

A sublease agreement relays the monthly rent, utility payments, and security deposit that the sublessee is required to pay to the sublessor, as well as the rules that must be followed during their occupation. Before drafting an agreement, the sublessor should review their lease for provisions requiring the landlord’s written approval or disallowing subleases altogether. Once all parties have signed the document, the sublessor and sublessee will be bound to its terms until the agreement’s termination date.