Delaware Landlord Notice to Enter | 48-Hour

Delaware Landlord Notice to Enter | 48-Hour

Last updated April 24th, 2023

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A Delaware 48-hour notice to enter is a document that landlords must provide their tenants before entering the rental unit. The notice should be delivered at least two days in advance and specify the landlord’s contact details and the date, time, and reason for the entry. It should be noted that landlords may only enter the premises between the hours of 8:00 am and 9:00 pm.

Emergency Access (§ 5509(b)) – In emergency situations, the landlord may enter the premises anytime without notice.


Delaware laws require landlords to provide a tenant at least 48 hours’ of notice before entering the dwelling. They may not enter before 8:00 am or after 9:00 pm.

Statute: § 5509(b)


Landlords are not required to provide two days’ notice in the following situations:

  • Emergencies
  • If the entry is to make repairs asked for by the tenant
  • If the entry is to show potential tenants or buyers the premises, provided the tenant signed a document waiving their right to a 48-hour advance notice

Access to Meters

In accordance with § 5312, tenants must provide landlords access to the rental unit to perform meter readings or other measures of utility consumption. Such entry to the premises must only be made during reasonable hours.