Louisiana Landlord Notice to Enter

Louisiana Landlord Notice to Enter

Last updated May 1st, 2023

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A Louisiana notice to enter is a document landlords use to let renters know they plan to access the rental unit. The notice communicates the details of the landlord’s visit, including the time, date, and reason for the planned entry (e.g., showing the unit to potential tenants, performing repairs, etc.). Providing written notice, as opposed to verbal notice, can help landlords avoid miscommunication and serves as physical evidence that an advance notification was given.


Louisiana law doesn’t outline any notice requirements or rules for when or why a landlord can enter the property. However, the rental agreement will typically explain the conditions for a landlord’s entry.

Note: All tenants are entitled to “peaceful possession,” meaning the landlord cannot unnecessarily intrude on or disturb the tenant during the lease term.

Statute: La. Civ. Code art. 2682(3)