Montana Landlord Notice to Enter | 24-Hour

Montana Landlord Notice to Enter | 24-Hour

Last updated May 1st, 2023

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Montana 24-hour notice to enter is a letter announcing a landlord’s intention to enter their tenant’s residence. In general, advance notice of entry is required by law to respect the tenant’s privacy and give them a reasonable amount of time to prepare before the landlord arrives. The notice specifies the time and date of the landlord’s visit and details the tasks or services that will be carried out on the premises.

Emergency Access (§ 70-24-312(2)) – In an emergency, a landlord is allowed to enter a rental property without the tenant’s consent.


Montana law states that landlords must provide at least 24 hours’ notice before entering the premises and can only enter at “reasonable times.”

Statute: Mont. Code Ann. § 70-24-312(3)

Tenant’s Consent

A tenant cannot unreasonably deny access if the landlord needs to enter the property to:

  • Inspect the unit.
  • Make repairs, alterations, decorations, or improvements.
  • Provide services.
  • Present the property to contractors, workers, mortgagees, purchasers, or tenants.

Statute: Mont. Code Ann. § 70-24-312(1)


Advance notice of entry is not required if the following circumstances:

  • The landlord obtains a court order.
  • The tenant abandons or surrenders the property.
  • The tenant is absent for more than 7 days (the landlord may only enter when reasonably necessary).
  • The tenant causes a health and safety violation that can be fixed, but the tenant fails to correct the violation within either 14 days of receiving notice from the landlord or as quickly as necessary in the event of an emergency.

Statutes: Mont. Code Ann. §§ 70-24-312(4), 70-24-42570-24-426(2)