North Dakota Landlord Notice to Enter

North Dakota Landlord Notice to Enter

Last updated May 2nd, 2023

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North Dakota notice to enter is provided by a landlord to their tenant, notifying them of the landlord’s intent to enter the leased property. The legislation in North Dakota specifies that the landlord must inform the tenant before entry, but does not stipulate a minimum notice period. The document should set a date and time and describe why the landlord wants to enter the property.

Emergency Access (§ 47-16-07.3(1)) – The landlord may enter the leased property at any time in an emergency.


The landlord may enter the rental unit:

  • At any time if they believe the tenant has abandoned it.
  • Without consent if it is thought that the tenant has violated their rental or lease agreement.
  • With the tenant’s consent and during reasonable hours to:
    • Inspect the property.
    • Show the unit to potential tenants, buyers, real estate agents, contractors, or insurers.
    • Provide services deemed necessary or previously agreed upon by both parties.

The law considers consent presumed if the tenant fails to object to the notice to enter. The tenant may not unreasonably withhold consent from the landlord to provide their proprietary duties.

Statute: § 47-16-07.3