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Wisconsin Rental Application Form

Wisconsin rental application is used by landlords to confirm that a candidate for tenancy is reliable and financially capable of holding a lease. The data submitted by the applicant includes their personal information, financial history, employment history, and vehicle information. If the applicant has taken out any loans, they will be asked to supply the creditor’s name and the balance owed. Landlords are entitled to run a consumer credit report on the applicant to verify their credit history. To compensate the landlord for this service, the potential tenant may be asked to pay a non-refundable fee not to exceed $20.

Maximum Fees ($)

Application Fee (§ 134.05(4)) – Landlords can charge a maximum of $20 to perform a credit check.

Pet Fee (No Statute) – There is no limit.

Security Deposit (§ 134.06) – There is no limit.