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Wyoming Standard Residential Lease Agreement

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Fill & Sign Fill & Sign Click to fill, edit and sign this form now!

Updated on August 24th, 2022

The Wyoming standard residential lease agreement is used to establish a rental arrangement between a landlord and tenant in a legal document signed by both parties. Once completed, the lease will relay all the terms and conditions of the agreement, including the rental price, lease term, tenant’s responsibilities, and landlord’s rules and right to access.

The document will also list any additional fees, payments, and deposits that the tenant will be required to make, as well as any utilities, appliances, and furnishings that are included in the rental. The document becomes legally binding when both parties have signed, and it remains effective for the duration of its terms or until the contract is breached.

Rental LawsTitle 1, Chapter 21, Article 12 (Residential Rental Property)

Handbook (Guide)Landlord-Tenant Handbook


Security Deposits

Maximum – Not mentioned in state statutes.

Returning (§ 1-21-1208(a)) – Thirty (30) days from lease termination date or fifteen (15) days from the date that the landlord receives the tenant’s new address.

When is Rent Due?

State law does not specify when rent must be paid or if the tenant is allowed a grace period before late fees can be charged for past due rent. Therefore, rent is due as stated in the lease and the tenant will not receive a grace period unless the written agreement provides for one.

Disclosures (2)

1) Lead-Based Paint Disclosure

Used to disclose the use of lead paint in the rental unit (required if the dwelling was built before 1978).

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2) Non-refundable Deposit

If any portion of the tenant’s security deposit is non-refundable, the tenant must be informed via written notice at the time the landlord or designated agent is receiving the deposit.