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Wyoming Rental Lease Agreement Templates (6)

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Updated on June 23rd, 2023

A Wyoming lease agreement is a contract between a lessor and lessee that indicates the rental conditions for commercial or residential property. Lease agreements allow the lessee, or “tenant,” to occupy a property for a specified period in exchange for monthly rent. Before authorizing a tenancy, landlords often require a security deposit from the applicant. This is not only to validate the applicant’s intent to rent a property, but it ensures that the landlord will have funds to cover repair costs if the tenant damages the property.

Rental Application – To be used by landlords to collect personal information and authorize background checks regarding potential tenants.


Agreements: By Type (6)

Commercial Lease Agreement – A real estate document that allows a tenant to occupy a commercial space for the purpose of conducting business activity.

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Rent-to-Own Agreement (Lease Option) – A fixed-term lease that includes additional terms that enable the renter to purchase the property they were previously leasing.

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Month-to-Month Lease Agreement – A rental contract that only guarantees tenancy for one (1) month but will renew after each subsequent month until terminated by either the landlord or the tenant.

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Roommate Agreement – Used by tenants to outline the rights and responsibilities of each occupant in a shared living space.

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Sublease Agreement – Allows a subtenant to occupy all or a portion of a tenant’s leased space for a pre-determined duration. It should be noted that the landlord’s consent is usually required before subletting is permitted.

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Disclosures (2)

  1. Lead-Based Paint
  2. Non-refundable Deposit

1) Lead-Based Paint Disclosure

Informs the tenant of lead paint within the dwelling (required if the dwelling was constructed prior to 1978).

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2) Non-refundable Deposit

The landlord must state in the rental agreement whether any portion of the tenant’s security deposit is nonrefundable. A written notice of this fact must also be given to the tenant upon acceptance of the deposit.

Landlord-Tenant Laws

Landlord’s Access

General Access (§ 1-21-1205(a)(iii)) – A renter cannot unreasonably deny entry to a residential unit when the landlord needs to inspect the premises, make repairs, or show the unit to prospective tenants or purchasers.

Emergency Access – No statute.


Grace Period – No statute.

Maximum Fees ($) – No statute.

Rent Increase Notice – No statute.

Security Deposits

Maximum Amount ($) – No statute.

Returning to Tenant (§ 1-21-1208(a)) – The deposit must be returned to the tenant within either thirty (30) days after the tenancy expires or fifteen (15) days of the tenant informing the landlord of their new address, whichever is later.

Interest Required? (§ 1-21-1208(a)) – Security deposits may be returned to the tenant without interest.

Separate Bank Account? – No statute.