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Wyoming 3-Day Notice to Quit | Non-Payment

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Updated on August 29th, 2022

The Wyoming 3-day notice to quit for non-payment is a notice served on a tenant who is at least three (3) days late on their rent payment demanding that they quit the premises or pay the amount owed within three (3) days. The landlord is not required to allow the tenant to remain on the premises even if they pay the total of the balance owing (including late fees and interest). Once delivered, the landlord must wait the statutorily defined notice period before they can commence a forcible entry and detainer suit with the circuit court with jurisdiction over the leased property.

Rent Grace Period (§ 1-21-1002(a)(i)) – Landlords are unable to commence an eviction action until three (3) days have passed without a rent payment.

Laws § 1-21-1002(a)(i) and § 1-21-1003