Nebraksa Boat Bill of Sale Form

Last updated May 3rd, 2023

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Nebraska boat bill of sale is used to report the purchase and sale of any used vessel. It serves as the proof of the transaction that buyers will need when registering and titling the vessel with the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles. The bill of sale identifies the hull identification number (HIN), make, model, length, and the parties’ names and addresses. Sellers are legally required to draft a bill of sale for the buyer, and they must properly assign the certificate of title at the time of the purchase. If the title information is incomplete or otherwise inaccurate, it may be subjected to confiscation by the DMV, law enforcement, or a county official.

Nebraska Boat Registration/Titling

Within thirty (30) days of the purchase of any motorized vessel, the new owner must apply for a certificate of title and register the watercraft. Registration and titling are accomplished as follows:

  1. Complete an Application for Certificate of Title (RV-707).
  2. File the application at a Department of Motor Vehicles location along with the following documents:
    • Certificate of title that’s been transferred to the new owner;
    • Bill of sale;
    • Payment for the $10 title fee.
  3. Fill out an Application for Boat Number & Certificate and file it at a local County Treasurer’s Office. Upon filing, the owner must submit payment for the registration fee (fees vary depending on the boat’s classification).