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Iowa Deed Forms

An Iowa deed is a document that records the transfer of a property’s title from one party (the “grantor”) to another (the “grantee”), and that acts as evidence of the grantee’s ownership. The completed form will include both parties’ information, the purchase price (if applicable), and a description of the property. Deeds are usually used to legally convey property in conjunction with a purchase agreement. However, Iowa law also allows for “transfer on death” deeds that are used to arrange the transfer of ownership to a beneficiary while allowing the owner to retain property rights and title during their lifetime.

The deed must be acknowledged by a notary public before being filed at the recording office for the county in which the property is located. In addition to the deed, the Groundwater Hazard Statement and Declaration of Value must be completed and filed with the county recorder. The Declaration of Value might not need to be submitted if the transfer is legally exempt.


Types (4)

General Warranty Deed – Guarantees the quality of the property’s title, meaning that it is free of any claims.

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Quit Claim Deed – A deed that provides no warranty to the grantee regarding the property’s title.

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Special Warranty Deed – Unlike a general warranty deed, this deed type only warrants that there are no claims on the property relating to its current owner.

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Transfer on Death Deed – Allows the grantor to maintain possession and rights of their property during their lifetime while promising a title transfer to the grantee upon their death.

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