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Last updated October 26th, 2022

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A Rhode Island deed is a written document used to transfer a property title to a new owner (the “grantee”). A deed will provide the grantee with varying levels of protection against title encumbrances depending on the type of instrument used. A warranty deed will ensure the grantee that the current owner (the “grantor”) has the right to sell the property and that the title is free of defects. Quit claim deeds, on the other hand, transfer the title without assurances of a clean title or that the grantor has the right to do so.


Types (4)

Deed of Trust – A deed wherein a homebuyer and a lender financing the purchase agree to transfer the property title to a trustee until the debt is resolved.

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General Warranty Deed – Ensures the buyer that the title is free from encumbrances and that the grantor is on the property title.

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Quit Claim Deed – A deed that does not certify the grantor as the title holder or include warranties against title encumbrances.

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Special Warranty Deed – Used to guarantee that a property was not encumbered while the current grantor held the title.

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