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Wyoming Transfer on Death Deed

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Wyoming transfer on death deed is a legal document completed by a property owner to convey their title to a new owner (the “grantee beneficiary”) when they pass away. The conveyance takes effect immediately upon the owner’s death and transfers their title, subject to all encumbrances, to the grantee beneficiary without probate. A transfer on death deed may be revoked at any time by any of the owners who executed the deed.

If the named grantee beneficiary does not survive the owner, the completed deed will indicate whether the owner wishes to void the deed, convey the title to the grantee beneficiary’s estate, or if a successor grantee beneficiary will inherit the title. It should be noted that a grantee beneficiary is not required to accept the transferred property, and they will not assume any liability due to being named as the grantee beneficiary.