Personal Training Contract Template

Personal Training Contract Template

Last updated October 17th, 2023

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personal training contract allows self-employed personal trainers to establish the terms of service with a new client. It includes details such as the payment schedule, cancellation terms, and the client’s training goals.


What is a Personal Training Contract?

A personal training contract is a legal document that allows a personal trainer to enter into a service agreement with a new client. It spells out the terms and conditions of working with a trainer, both relaying what the client can expect and providing the language that binds the parties to uphold their respective end of the contract. The contract also protects the personal trainer from liability and holds the client responsible for training safely.

What to Include

A personal training contract should contain the following information:

  • Services. What the trainer will provide for their client’s money (e.g., physical assessments, programming workouts, skill training, etc.).
  • Payment amount and method. The form should include the personal trainer’s pay and specify whether they will be compensated per session or per hour.
  • Schedule. The days and hours when the client and trainer will be working together in the gym.
  • Location. The address of the gym or training site must be indicated.
  • Late and cancellation policy. The personal trainer should specify their cancellation policy and how late the client can arrive before forfeiting a session.
  • Obligations. The contract includes the personal trainer’s duties, such as meeting the client’s fitness goals, explaining nutrition, and assessing the client’s health.
  • Disclosure. The contract should disclose that the personal trainer is not a licensed physician.
  • Signatures. The client and the personal trainer must sign the contract.

Personal Trainer Certification

There is no legal requirement for a personal trainer to be certified in order to provide their services in the US, though various certification options are available. Clients may verify a trainer’s credentials with the United States Registry of Exercise Professionals (USREPS), which is the official U.S. registry of certified fitness profesionals.