Hawaii 5-Day Notice to Quit | Nuisance

Hawaii 5-Day Notice to Quit | Nuisance

Last updated September 21st, 2022

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A Hawaii 5-day notice to quit is the second notice served on a tenant who has failed to cure the violation mentioned in the first notice within twenty-four (24) hours (24-Hour Notice to Cure Nuisance). The tenant, upon receiving the second notice, does not have the option to abate the nuisance anymore. Their lease is terminated upon receiving this notice and they have five (5) days to vacate the premises. If they remain on the property after the five-day period, an eviction suit may be filed by the landlord.

Laws§ 666-3

Nuisance Defined (§ 712-1270):

Related Forms

24-Hour Notice to Cure Nuisance – This 24-hour notice must be given to the tenant to give them an opportunity to remedy the nuisance before receiving the 5-Day Notice to Quit.

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Laws: § 666-3