Massachusetts 10/14-Day Notice to Quit | Non-Payment (At-Will Tenancy)

Massachusetts 10/14-Day Notice to Quit | Non-Payment (At-Will Tenancy)

Last updated September 23rd, 2021

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The Massachusetts 10/14-day notice to quit is an eviction letter that instructs a tenant at-will (without a fixed-term tenancy) to pay rent or vacate. Beginning on the date after the notice is received, the tenant will have ten (10) days to pay rent or fourteen (14) days to vacate. The tenant can stop the eviction and retain their tenancy if, at any point within the first ten (10) days, they provide payment in full. Should the tenant refuse or neglect to pay, they will be obligated to vacate by the fourteenth (14th) day. Failure to abide by these conditions will permit the landlord to initiate an eviction lawsuit for the removal of the tenant from the premises.

Laws Ch. 186 § 12h

Rent Grace Period (Ch. 186 § 15B(1)(c)) – Massachusetts landlords can only charge late fees if rent remains unpaid for thirty (30) days.

Related Forms

14-Day Notice to Quit for Non-Payment – If the tenancy has a fixed expiration date, the landlord will need to serve the tenant with a notice that gives them fourteen (14) days to pay or quit.

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