Oregon 72/144-Hour Notice to Quit | Non-Payment

Oregon 72/144-Hour Notice to Quit | Non-Payment

Last updated October 3rd, 2022

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The Oregon 72/144-hour notice to quit enables landlords to give tenants notice that their rent is late and they must pay the sum owed within seven-two (72) or one hundred forty-four (144) hours or their tenancy will be terminated. In accordance with state law, landlords must give tenants one hundred forty-four (144) hours’ notice to quit if the rent is five (5) or more days past due. Eight (8) days after rent is due, landlords also have the option to give seven-two (72) hours’ notice instead of one hundred forty-four (144) hours.

If the rent isn’t paid within the allotted time, the tenant must move out or they may face legal action from the landlord for their eviction. Late fees can only be charged if the rent is over four (4) days past due.

Laws§ 90.394