Washington 3-Day Notice to Quit | Illegal Activity

Washington 3-Day Notice to Quit | Illegal Activity

Last updated September 23rd, 2021

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The Washington 3-day notice to quit is one that gives a tenant three (3) days to move out after they’ve damaged or committed waste on the rental property, caused or permitted a nuisance, conducted unlawful business, or committed gang-related activity on the premises. Due to the severity of the infraction, the tenant will not be able to remedy the violation and will be forced to leave within the notice period or face an unlawful detainer suit.

This notice is not suitable if the tenant has committed a noise violation, as the definition of “nuisance” (§ 7.48.120) in Washington State Legislature describes a much more serious offense. Those landlords seeking to evict due to a noise violation should instead use a 10-day notice to quit.

Laws – § 59.12.030(5)+(7)