Wyoming 3-Day Notice to Quit | Prohibited Acts

Wyoming 3-Day Notice to Quit | Prohibited Acts

Last updated August 29th, 2022

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The Wyoming 3-day notice to quit for prohibited acts is a three (3) day warning of lease termination delivered by a landlord to a tenant who has damaged the rental property, interfered with another resident’s ability to peacefully enjoy the premises, or denied the landlord or an agent thereof access to the unit. Any one of these acts, as defined in § 1-21-1205, enables the landlord to initiate the proceedings of a forcible entry and detainer suit (§ 1-21-1002(a)(vi)).

The landlord isn’t obligated to list remedies that will reverse the termination; however, they may include solutions in the form if they so wish. Failure on the tenant’s part to act within the three (3) day window will result in an eviction action against them.

Laws § 1-21-1205, § 1-21-1002(a)(vi), and § 1-21-1003