Mississippi Mechanic’s Lien Form

Mississippi Mechanic’s Lien Form

Last updated April 13th, 2022

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Mississippi mechanic’s lien is a tool used by contractors and suppliers (“claimants”) to pressure property owners for overdue payments. The lien should detail the property’s location, the date the work began and finished, and the amount the claimant is owed.

Once filed with the office of the clerk of the chancery court, a mechanic’s lien goes on a property’s public record, warning potential buyers about a debt attached to the property. Since the property will be difficult to sell or obtain financing with a lien, owners will be encouraged to negotiate with the claimants or face a potential lien foreclosure action lawsuit.

It should be noted that for single-family residential projects, a pre-lien written notice must be given to the property owner at least ten (10) days before filing the mechanic’s lien.