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Alaska Non-Compete Agreement Template

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An Alaska non-compete agreement is a legal document that limits an employee’s ability to enter into competition with their employer, either alone or in cooperation with another business. To provide ample consideration (the benefit the employee receives in exchange for signing), the employer should require the form to be completed before the employee’s hiring. If an entity is looking to restrict an existing employee, a sum of money is often offered in exchange for signing the form.


Enforceability in Alaska

Non-compete agreements are enforceable in the state of Alaska, but there are no specific statutes in place governing non-competes. The state’s trade secrets statutes (§§ 45.50.910 to 45.50.945) can be referenced, and high-profile court cases involving non-compete agreements can be helpful resources as well.

Maximum Time Period

Not established by state statutes. The recommended time period for a non-compete agreement is two (2) years.

Geographical Area

Not required, although recommended. A customer list (for example) can be substituted for a geographical area in applicable situations (see Metcalfe Investments, Inc v. Garrison).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Blue Penciling Allowed?

Yes. Known as a “reasonable alteration” approach in Alaska, the courts can alter non-compete agreements containing overly broad provisions until it is deemed enforceable, so long as the original contract was created with honest intent.