Arizona Landlord Notice to Enter | 2-Day

Arizona Landlord Notice to Enter | 2-Day

Last updated April 17th, 2023

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An Arizona 2-day notice to enter is delivered to a tenant by their landlord to provide notification of entry onto the rented premises. The form lets the tenant know how much notice is required by law, what date and time entry will take place, and how to reschedule if the timing is inconvenient. A notice to enter is commonly used when the landlord needs to perform repairs and maintenance, or to show the property to prospective future tenants.

Emergency Access (ARS 33-1343(C)) – The landlord has the right to enter the rental property in the event of an emergency.


In Arizona, a landlord is required to give 2 days’ notice if entering the tenant’s property for any of the following reasons:

  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Alterations
  • Supply necessary or agreed-upon services
  • Show the property (e.g., potential tenants, buyers, etc.)
  • Access for workmen and contractors

Statute: ARS 33-1343(D)