New Jersey Landlord Notice to Enter | 1-Day

New Jersey Landlord Notice to Enter | 1-Day

Last updated May 9th, 2023

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New Jersey 1-day notice to enter is a document that a landlord must provide their tenant at least a day in advance of entering their rental unit. The letter should notify the tenant of the purpose of the landlord’s entry and the date and time of requested access. The notice also states that if the tenant wishes to reschedule, they should contact the landlord immediately using the landlord’s contact information provided.

Emergency Access (§ 5:10-5.1(c)) – New Jersey law permits a landlord to access their rental property without notice if there are safety or structural emergencies.


The tenant must allow the landlord access to the rental unit for the purpose of inspection, repairs, and alterations. The landlord must give the tenant a minimum of 1-day’s notice before entering the property.

Statute: § 5:10-5.1(c)