Oklahoma Landlord Notice to Enter | 1-Day

Oklahoma Landlord Notice to Enter | 1-Day

Last updated May 2nd, 2023

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An Oklahoma 1-day notice to enter is a document that notifies a tenant that their landlord intends to enter the rental unit. This notice must be sent to a tenant at least 24 hours in advance, and the landlord may visit the premises only during “reasonable” hours. This notice is often used by the landlord to perform repairs or renovations, or to display the unit to prospective lessees or buyers.

Emergency Access (§ 41-128(b)) – In an emergency, the landlord, his representatives, and employees may enter the rental unit without the tenant’s permission.


Oklahoma law states that the landlord must give the tenant at least one day’s notice before accessing the property. The tenant may not unreasonably prevent the landlord from accessing the property to perform their duties. If the tenant unreasonably refuses consent, the landlord may cancel the lease or take legal action to access the property.

Statute: § 41-128