Pennsylvania Landlord Notice to Enter

Pennsylvania Landlord Notice to Enter

Last updated December 9th, 2023

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Pennsylvania notice to enter notifies a tenant that the landlord will access their property on a certain date and time. Pennsylvania law does not state how much notice a landlord must provide the tenant, only that they can enter the premises at “reasonable times” to make repairs or show the apartment to a future tenant. The notice is often given 24-48 hours in advance and should state why the landlord wishes to enter the property.

Right to Quiet Enjoyment

Per the Pennsylvania Consumer Guide to Tenant and Landlord Rights, the implied covenant of quiet enjoyment protects the tenant from any unreasonable intrusions by the landlord. This covenant is meant to give the tenant peace, quiet, and privacy. Even with this covenant in place, the tenant must give the landlord reasonable access to carry out ownership duties.