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Washington Standard Residential Lease Agreement

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Fill & Sign Fill & Sign Click to fill, edit and sign this form now!

Updated on March 3rd, 2023

A Washington standard residential lease agreement is a rental contract between a landlord and tenant whereby the tenant leases the landlord’s residential property for a fixed term, usually one (1) year. The tenant will be required to cover monthly rent as well as any utility payments, fees, and deposits that are included in the terms of their agreement. Once the document has been signed by both parties, it becomes legally binding until the end of the lease term.

Rental Laws – Title 59, Chapter 59.18 (Residential Landlord-Tenant Act)

Handbooks (Guides):


Security Deposits

Maximum – Not mentioned in state statutes.

Returning (§ 59.18.280(1)) – Twenty-One (21) Days

When is Rent Due?

The tenant must pay rent as specified in the lease and is not entitled to a grace period unless it is written in the rental agreement.

Disclosures (5)

  1. Fire Safety Info
  2. Landlord & Agent Info
  3. Lead-Based Paint
  4. Mold
  5. Move-in Checklist

1) Fire Safety Information

Tenants must be provided written documentation on fire safety and protection, and emergency evacuation plans. The document must state that the dwelling is equipped with a smoke detection device and detail the penalties that would occur if the tenant fails to maintain the device in working condition.

2) Landlord and Agent Information

The tenants must be informed of the name and address of the landlord or any individual serving as their representative for the purpose of processes and notices.

3) Lead-Based Paint Disclosure Form

Used by a property owner of a building predating 1978.

  • Download: PDF

4) Mold Information

Landlords are required to provide tenants with information concerning the hazards of indoor mold growth and how it can be controlled.

5) Move-In Checklist

Landlords must provide tenants with a written checklist detailing the condition of a dwelling if a security deposit is made.