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Virginia Boat Bill of Sale Form

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Updated on February 22nd, 2021

A Virginia boat bill of sale is a receipt that is executed by the buyer and private seller of a vessel. The document will provide the vessel’s purchase price, sale date, hull identification number (HIN), make, model, and year. Once signed, the sale is considered final. ’Both parties should keep a copy for their records to prove that the transaction took place and that the property transferred ownership. If the vessel has no current title at the time of purchase, the buyer will be required to use the bill of sale to obtain a title and registration in their name.

Virginia Boat Registration/Titling

In Virginia, all boats with motors must be titled and registered with the Department of Wildlife Resources (DWR). All sailboats over eighteen (18) feet long must be titled as well. If the boat is to be used exclusively on private property, no registration is required. To register and title a vessel with the DWR, a new owner must complete the following steps:

  1. Obtain the boat’s Certificate of Title from the seller, ensuring that the assignment portion is filled out and assigned to the buyer.
  2. If the boat has no current title, a completed Bill of Sale signed by both parties must be obtained.
  3. Complete the Application to Register and Title a Boat.
  4. Make a check or money payable to the “Treasurer of Virginia” for the applicable boat titling and registration fees.
  5. Submit the Application to Register & Title a Boat, Certificate of Title, Bill of Sale (if applicable), and check or money order in-person at the nearest DMV office or by mail to the address below.

Department of Wildlife Resources – Client Services
PO Box 9930
Henrico, VA 23228-9930

Residents can also apply for boat registration online with the Go Outdoors Online Vessel System. The applicant will be required to make an account and to mail in the requisite documents.