Florida 7-Day Notice to Quit | Non-Compliance

Florida 7-Day Notice to Quit | Non-Compliance

Last updated September 23rd, 2021

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The Florida 7-day notice to quit is used by a landlord to inform a tenant that they are in violation of their lease agreement. There are two types of violations: curable and incurable. The landlord must enter the type of breach caused by the tenant, a brief description, and whether or not they will be given an opportunity to cure said breach.

In situations where the violation is curable, the tenant has seven (7) days to cure the violation. Failure to do so will result in the termination of the lease and the tenant must leave the property. If the breach of contract is incurable, or if the tenant has committed the same violation within a twelve (12) month period, the tenancy is terminated immediately and they must move out within seven (7) days of service.

Laws§ 83.56(2)

Curable Violations (§ 83.56(2)(b)): Examples of violations that warrant the opportunity for the tenant to cure include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Having/permitting unauthorized pets, guests, or vehicles
  • Parking or permitting others to park in an unauthorized manner
  • Failing to keep the premises clean and sanitary

Incurable Violations (§ 83.56(2)(a)): Examples of tenant violations that justify immediate termination are as follows:

  • Destruction, damage, or misuse of the landlord’s property or other tenants’ property
  • Continuing noise violations
  • Illegal activities