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Last updated August 29th, 2022

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The New Jersey immediate notice to quit for non-payment is served on tenants who have not paid their rent on time to inform them that their lease is terminated and they must move out immediately. Under state law, landlords can evict their tenants without notice when rent is overdue. However, § 2a-42-6.1 allows the tenant a grace period of five (5) days from the payment due date before rent is considered overdue. Therefore, the landlord must wait five (5) days after rent is due to deliver an immediate notice to quit.

If the landlord has habitually accepted late rent from the tenant, they cannot end the lease without notice and must serve them with a Notice to Cease and, if the tenant remains non-compliant, a 1-Month Notice to Quit for Non-Compliance.

Laws – § 2A:18-61.2(3), § 2A:18-53(b), and § 2a-42-6.1

Related Forms

Notice to Cease – If the tenant habitually pays their rent late, the landlord will need to serve them with a Notice to Cease before they can give them notice to quit.

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1-Month Notice to Quit for Non-Compliance – Following service of a Notice to Cease for habitually late rent, the landlord may give the tenant one (1) month’s notice to quit.

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