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New Hampshire Standard Residential Lease Agreement

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Updated on September 28th, 2021

A New Hampshire standard residential lease agreement is a written contract that establishes the legal relationship between a landlord and a tenant to whom they are renting residential property. A residential lease is presented to a tenant once they are satisfied with the condition of the property after inspection and they have determined it will suit their needs.

The landlord will have designed the agreement to cover all the necessary terms and conditions of renting this particular rental unit. The parties will go over these terms to ensure they are understood and accepted by the tenant. Important provisions of a rental agreement include rent amount and payment date, security deposits and other fees, length of the lease, termination options, utilities, and any duties and obligations of both parties.

Rental Laws – Title LV: Chapter 540 and Chapter 540-A


Security Deposits

Maximum (§ 540-A:6(I)(a)) – One (1) Month’s Rent

Returning (§ 540-A:7) – Thirty (30) Days

When is Rent Due?

Rent is due on the date stated in the residential lease agreement. There are no laws in New Hampshire’s statutes that mention rent due dates, grace periods, or late fees.

Disclosures (3)

1) Lead-Based Paint Disclosure

Landlords must disclose in writing the possibility of lead-based paint exposure to tenants who are renting residential property built prior to 1978.

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2) Repair Notice

Tenants must be notified in writing by the landlord that a list of all conditions in need of repair on the premises must be delivered to the landlord within five (5) days of the tenant moving into the rental property.

3) Security Deposit Receipt

A signed receipt must be provided to tenants if they have paid a security deposit prior to occupancy (only applicable if the security deposit was not in the form of a check).