Nevada Month-to-Month Lease Agreement

Last updated September 27th, 2021

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Nevada month-to-month lease agreement is a binding contract that landlords can use to rent residential property to a tenant on a monthly basis. Stated in the agreement are the tenant’s rental obligations, including their periodic rent payment, property expenses, and security deposit.

The agreement differs from a standard lease in that it doesn’t specify an end date. This undefined term means that the tenancy will last indefinitely until either party decides to terminate (a month-to-month lease may be modified or terminated upon thirty (30) days’ written notice). Month-to-month agreements offer flexibility to tenants who may need to move out on short notice. They also enable landlords to quickly find new renters when a tenant becomes problematic.

Notice for Terminating (§ 40.251(1)(a)(2)) – Thirty (30) Days

Tenant Screening – Nevada Rental Application

Disclosures (3)

  1. Foreclosure
  2. Inventory and Condition
  3. Lead-Based Paint

1) Foreclosure

Landlords must provide written disclosure to potential tenants if the property being rented is the subject of any foreclosure proceedings.

2) Inventory and Condition of Premises

A detailed list of the condition and inventory of the premises must be provided to tenants before moving in.

3) Lead-Based Paint Disclosure

Tenants intent on renting property built prior to 1978 must be provided with this lead-based paint disclosure form.

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