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Texas Month-to-Month Lease Agreement

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Updated on February 27th, 2022

A Texas month-to-month lease agreement is used by landlords to create a binding agreement with tenants for the monthly rental of residential property. The document must include the tenancy start date, cost of monthly rent, fees for late/failed payments, the security deposit (if any), and the division of utility payments.

Under this contract, the tenant renews their tenancy with each monthly rental payment and can end it with notice to the landlord. This gives landlords the freedom to terminate the agreement at any time without cause and tenants may terminate the lease at will. Due to the temporary nature of these contracts, the rental property will often come fully or partially furnished to accommodate a quick turnover of tenants.

Notice for terminating (§ 91.001(b)(2)) – One (1) Month

Tenant screening Texas Rental Application

Disclosures (5)

  1. Lead-Based Paint
  2. Ownership & Management
  3. Right to Interrupt Utilities
  4. Special Conditions to Cancel
  5. Texas Parking Rules Addendum

1) Lead-Based Paint Disclosure

Disclosure used for dwellings containing lead-based paint (must be completed for buildings constructed earlier than 1978).

  • Download: PDF

2) Ownership and Management

Tenants must be informed of the names and addresses of the property titleholder and any of their representatives.

3) Right to Interrupt Utilities

Tenants with submetered electricity or allocated or prorated non-submetered electricity must acknowledge that failure to pay an electricity bill within twelve (12) days may result in an interruption of their electricity service, provided an electricity termination notice has been issued by the landlord at least five (5) days beforehand. The landlord may only exercise this right if the provision is included in the rental agreement.

4) Special Conditions to Cancel Agreement

Lease agreements in the state of Texas must include a disclosure that contains the following language: “Tenants may have special statutory rights to terminate the lease early in certain situations involving family violence or a military deployment or transfer.”

5) Texas Parking Rules Addendum

Form used to inform tenants of a multiunit complex of the vehicle parking rules and policies.