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Wisconsin Month-to-Month Lease Agreement

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Updated on September 28th, 2021

A Wisconsin month-to-month lease agreement is a periodic rental arrangement entered into by a landlord and tenant that has no predetermined expiration. The contract allows the tenant to renew their lease with each monthly payment until they or the landlord gives the other party notice to terminate. A monthly rental agreement is preferable for tenants whose situation doesn’t allow them to make the year-long commitment of a standard lease.

It is recommended that landlords charge a security deposit and have potential tenants complete a rental application for security against monthly tenants defaulting on rent or quitting the property without notice. Either party can terminate the tenancy with at least twenty-eight (28) days’ notice unless another notice period is established in the rental contract.

Notice for terminating (§ 704.19(3)) – Twenty-Eight (28) Days

Tenant screening Wisconsin Rental Application

Disclosures (5)

  1. Building Code Violations
  2. Damage & Defects
  3. Landlord & Agent Identification
  4. Lead-Based Paint
  5. Utility Charges

1) Building Code Violations

If a property violates any building or housing code and threatens the health and safety of its occupants, the landlord is required to disclose this information to prospective tenants before signing a lease agreement.

2) Damage and Defects

Landlords cannot accept security deposits without first disclosing the prospective tenant’s right to perform an inspection of the dwelling unit and receive a document itemizing the damages that incurred deductions to the previous tenant’s security deposit.

3) Landlord and Agent Identification

The names and addresses of the property owner and individuals authorized to receive rent and maintain the property, and the owner’s representatives to whom service of process and notices can be sent must be disclosed to the tenant before the start of their residence.

4) Lead-Based Paint Disclosure

Landlords are obligated to complete this disclosure if they lease a rental unit built before 1978.

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5) Utility Charges

Before the tenant enters into a rental agreement or pays a security deposit, the landlord must first indicate if the utility charges are included in the rent. If the tenant is renting a unit in a property that does not have individual metering for its utility services, they must be informed of how the utility charges will be allocated.