Verification of Mortgage Form

A verification of mortgage (VOM) form is used by lenders to review a borrower’s mortgage history. The form requests that the borrower’s previous mortgage company provide the account balance, monthly payment amount, interest rate, and whether the borrower is behind on payments.

Last updated November 17th, 2023

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When Verification of Mortgage is Required

The two most common situations where a VOM is required are:

  1. When refinancing a mortgage with a new lender.
  2. When applying for a mortgage to buy a new home.


Download: PDFWord (.docx)OpenDocument


Mortgage Company [COMPANY NAME]
Address [ADDRESS]

Address [ADDRESS]

RE: [OWNER NAME] Mortgage Number [MORTGAGE #]
Address [ADDRESS] Phone [PHONE #]

Owner’s Consent
I, [OWNER NAME], hereby authorize you to provide [REQUESTOR NAME] with the mortgage information listed below and any other pertinent information they may require. Please return this form to the above address as soon as possible. Thank you.

Signature ________________________ Date [MM/DD/YYYY] Print [OWNER NAME]

1. Original mortgage amount: $[#] Current mortgage balance: $[#]

2. Does this include accrued interest? Yes No
How much accrued interest? $[#]

3. Mortgage Payment $[#] P.I.T.I. or P.I.T. (excluding insurance) per [PAYMENT PERIOD].

4. Arrears if any $[#] Date of last payment [MM/DD/YYYY]

5. Number of late payments: [#]

6. If applicable, what is the tax account balance? $[#]

7. Interest rate of mortgage: [#]% Term renewal date: [MM/DD/YYYY]

8. Is this an insured mortgage? (i.e. CMHC, GEMICO) Yes No

9. What is the remaining amortization of the mortgage? [#] years.

10. Can the mortgage be paid out and remortgaged with your company? Yes No
The payout penalty, if any: [PAYOUT PENALTY]

11. Can this mortgage be assumed without qualifying? Yes No

12. Do you have a copy of the Survey Certification or the Real Property Report?
Yes No – If yes, please enclose a photocopy for the benefit of your client.

13. Please indicate if there are any other special terms or prepayment privileges of this mortgage. [OTHER TERMS]

Signature ________________________ Date [MM/DD/YYYY]


VOM Defined

A VOM is one of the ways that lenders will assess a borrower’s payment history and existing mortgages. In the pre-approval process for a new home loan, a borrower will often be required to have the following forms completed and submitted to the mortgage company:

Obtaining third-party verification of the borrower’s payment history, income, and existing mortgage accounts helps the lender determine their loan eligibility.

How the Form is Used

A mortgage company can often verify a homeowner or buyer’s mortgage payment history by reviewing their mortgage statements or obtaining a credit report. The mortgage verification form is a third method lenders can use to obtain important information regarding the borrower’s account. The process is usually carried out as follows:

  1. The mortgage company requesting VOM fills out the contact and addressee information on the verification form.
  2. The borrower fills out and signs the Owner’s Consent.
  3. The form is sent to the borrower’s previous mortgage company.
  4. A mortgage company representative enters the requested information and signs the form.
  5. The mortgage company returns the form to the requesting company.
  6. The form is reviewed to determine if the borrower’s mortgage request can be approved.