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Virginia Month-to-Month Lease Agreement

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Updated on September 22nd, 2022

A Virginia month-to-month lease agreement is an at-will rental contract between a landlord and tenant whereby the tenant is required to pay rent on a monthly basis to maintain their tenancy. The document should include the lease start date, rent due date, rent amount, security deposit, late fees, and any other terms that the landlord deems necessary.

Under this type of arrangement, there is no established termination date; instead, the lease is automatically renewed when the tenant pays their rent, and either party can cancel it with thirty (30) days’ notice prior to the subsequent rent due date. Once both parties have signed the agreement, they will be legally bound to its terms until it has been formally terminated.

Notice for terminating (§ 55.1-1253(A)) – Thirty (30) Days

Tenant screening Virginia Rental Application

Disclosures (11)

  1. Defective Drywall
  2. Demolition / Conversion
  3. Lead-Based Paint
  4. Manager & Owner Info
  5. Methamphetamine
  6. Military Air Installation
  7. Mold
  8. Move-in Inspection
  9. Sale of Property
  10. Statement of Tenant Rights and Responsibilities
  11. Tourism Activity Zone

1) Defective Drywall

Landlords are required to inform the tenant about any defective drywall within the residence.

2) Demolition or Conversion to Condominium

Tenants and prospective tenants must be made aware of upcoming plans to convert, demolish, or renovate a property that will displace the residents within six (6) months of the plans taking place.

3) Lead-Based Paint Disclosure

Landlords are obligated to complete this disclosure if they are leasing a dwelling constructed before 1978.

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4) Manager and Owner Information

The landlord must provide the tenant with the names and addresses of the property manager and owner, including any individuals authorized to act on their behalf.

5) Methamphetamine Disclosure

Landlords cannot lease a dwelling that has a history of manufacturing methamphetamine without completing this disclosure.

6) Military Air Installation Disclosure

Disclosure form used to detail the level of noise and risk for military accidents that a tenant renting a dwelling near a military airbase may experience.

7) Mold

If the landlord has actual knowledge of mold within a dwelling, they must disclose this information as part of the move-in inspection.

8) Move-In Inspection

A move-in inspection report is required within the first five (5) days of a new tenancy. The report may be made by the tenant, the landlord, or both parties jointly.

9) Sale of Property

If a property wherein a tenant is currently residing is sold, the landlord must notify the tenant and provide the buyer’s name, address, and telephone number.

10) Statement of Tenant Rights and Responsibilities

This statement of rights must be handed to tenants along with the written rental agreement. Both the landlord and tenant must sign the acknowledgment section of the form.

11) Tourism Activity Zone

Landlords are obligated to inform a tenant moving into a residence within or near a designated tourism activity zone about the possible disturbances that may arise due to events, parades, or general tourism.