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Last updated October 26th, 2022

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New Jersey deed is a legal document executed by a grantor (seller) to transfer ownership of real property to a grantee (buyer). A deed denotes a property’s current title holder while conveying any title assurances and covenants the grantor provides. Under a general warranty deed, the grantee is assured the property has no encumbrances (e.g., liens, mortgages) and is therefore protected in the event of title issues down the line. However, with a quit claim deed, the grantee is transferred property with no title assurances whatsoever (standard when transferring property between family members).


Types (3)

General Warranty Deed – Includes a covenant (warranty) from that grantor that the title is unencumbered and will forever be protected against claims brought upon the grantor and any former owner.

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Quit Claim Deed – A deed that makes no assurances as to the quality of the property title or the validity of the grantor’s ownership.

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Special Warranty Deed – Functions like a general warranty deed, but only guarantees that the title is free of encumbrances originating from the grantor’s ownership.

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