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North Dakota Deed Forms

North Dakota deed is a legal form that transfers ownership rights in real estate from one party (the “grantor”) to another party (the “grantee”). There are a variety of deed types listed below, and each form has its own intended purpose that can be applied to a number of circumstances. Some deeds are only suitable for use by individuals acting in a fiduciary capacity (e.g., a trustee or estate representative), while the most common deed types are executed by the property owners transferring title. In addition to demonstrating the change in ownership, the deed may also convey warranties to protect the grantee against claims, liens, and other encumbrances affecting the property title.


Types (6)

General Warranty Deed – Guarantees that the grantor is the rightful owner of the subject real estate and that the property title is free from encumbrances.

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Personal Representative Deed – Used for property transfers by a personal representative (the person responsible for settling and distributing a deceased person’s estate).

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Quit Claim Deed – Transfers a legal interest in real property with no warranty of title and no guarantee that the grantor is the property’s rightful owner.

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Special Warranty Deed – Conveys property with a warranty that no title encumbrances occurred during the grantor’s term of ownership; however, the grantor will not be liable for title defects caused by former owners.

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Transfer on Death Deed – An estate planning tool in which the grantor chooses beneficiaries to inherit real estate upon their death.

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Trustee Deed – Used by the manager of a trust (the trustee) to transfer property held in the trust to the benefit of another party (the beneficiary).

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